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Moderation through Macros: The Super Bowl Edition

Did you wake up this morning feeling guilt or shame about what you ate last night? I used to be the exact same way. Constantly in limbo between what I really wanted to enjoy, and what I SHOULD consume for my goals 😱. Friends. You really can have it both

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Creating the perfect strength training schedule

Last week I talked about the benefits of strength training, and why we want to be doing it. This week I am going to go over the formula for creating a strength training schedule that fits into your lifestyle, and gets you results! Here are my 3 best tips: Tip

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The top reasons women should strength train

Strength training is really valuable for optimal health, but before we go any further it’s important to define what strength training is. When women here “strength training”, a lot automatically thing of a loaded barbell and a lot of bulk. But the truth is there’s so much more to it

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