Are you a woman 35+ struggling with Hashimoto's or hypothyrodism?
Discover how to eat, move & LIVE for good so you can overcome symptoms of Hashimoto's and hypothyoridism.

All while eating food you love, feeling energized & confident in your body.
(Without restrictive diets or expensive supplement protocols)
The Hashimoto's Roadmap is the only coaching program designed exclusively for women with Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism to increase energy, lose stubborn body fat (for good), and take their lives back.
Without restrictive dieting or extreme supplement protocols.
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    Most women follow weight loss and health advice that doesn't apply to their unique body, metabolism, or lifestyle.
    Which results in them feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling like they've 'done all of the things', but 'nothing works for them'.
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    Most of us are told that we 'just need to lose weight' to be healthy, so we seek weight loss at all costs. Including our health.
    Which leads to symptoms of Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism becoming WORSE.
    Making it harder to stick with the plan, and ultimately not getting the results we want.
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    Most women struggle with consistency over anything else.
    And they're frustrated because they're 'eating clean', doing all of the cardio, but aren't seeing results. Lack of consistency is the result of not having clarity over the right things, and accountability and support to help you follow through, navigate roadblocks, and manage your mind.
It's not just "in your head"
  • 3pm energy slump
  • waking up and feeling ready to go back to bed
  • foggy brain causing you to forget while you entered a room
  • stubborn weight that won't budge despite eating clean and working out daily
  • hair loss
  • lack of sex drive
  • muscle and joint pain
Your body is sounding an alarm.


  • Live your life instead of watching it pass you by.
  • Have clarity on what your body is communicating to you.
  • Stop restrictive diet attempts
  • Enjoy food while minimizing flares.
  • Create a lifestyle in support of your autoimmunity that you don't hate.
  • And not choke on buckets of supplements.

Say goodbye ✌️to fatigue and stubborn body fat as you take your body and your life back.
In 12 weeks you will:
  • Decrease body fat
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Feel more confident around food
  • Know how to exercise for your body and hormones
  • Be able to fit comfortably and confidently into your favorite jeans
  • Have more energy and focus to do the things that truly light you up.
Have the skills and tools to sustain your results.

All of this changes inside the Hashimoto's Roadmap
In 12 weeks gain a deeper understanding of your metabolism, symptoms and how your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle hold the key to you feeling yourself again.
  • Custom nutrition targets
    We create a custom nutrition plan based on your goals, your body, history, lifestyle and personal preferences.
    Utilizing our Mindful Macros approach, we will help you understand gentle nutrition so you can finally see success without restriction, and while supporting a healthy relationship with food.
  • Bi-weekly check-ins with your coach
    Bi- weekly feedback and adjustments as needed to keep you on the right track, and make sure you're seeing results.
  • Thyroid friendly workouts
    Know how to workout for your body, goals and your hormones.
    Thyroid friendly workouts programed for you based on experience, and equipment so you can become a consistent exerciser without the stress, overwhelm or confusion.
  • Group Voxer access
    Support, accountability and feedback in real-time.
    Have voice and text messaging access to your coach, and other like minded women, so you never feel like you're going at this alone again.

Hi, I'm Natalie
A functional nutritionist, master health coach, and mindset expert who specializes in female hormones, metabolism, and thyroid disease.

I'm a mom of 3 boys. Two teens, and a toddler. A wife of a veterinarian, obsessed with lattes, Boston Terriers, horses and the beach.

I also have Hashimoto's and PCOS.

My journey to where I am now wasn't met without years of being dismissed by medical providers.
Multiple miscarriages, and handfuls of prescribed anti-depressants.

I was told I was depressed, needed birth control to "balance my hormones", and needed to "rest more" for my fatigue.

My perseverance (aka stubborn-ness) lead me down the path of self-healing when no one would help me.

I was tired of watching my life passing me by, and at one point told my husband "this must be what it feels like to die".

I knew there was more for my life. I wanted to thrive- not just survive.
After a decade of my own journey, education and experience with hundreds of women, I created The Hashimoto's Roadmap.
The exact thing I needed when no one would listen.
The Hashimoto's Roadmap
Is for the woman
  • Who's read to say goodbye to the conflicting information on the internet.
  • Who knows another fad diet isn't the answer.
  • Who wants direct information without all the excess fluff.
  • Who needs implementable strategies that don't require a 2 hour morning routine, dumping out your pantry, or becoming a hermit for 6 weeks.
  • Who is done feeling alone in her struggles.
    Life is too short to not love the body you're living in.
    The Hashimoto's Roadmap Coaching Program Is:

    • A 12 week group coaching with and individualized, and custom approach (truly the best of both worlds)
    • Focused on simple, sustainable, real-life strategies you won't hate.
    • The only one of its kind.

    I created this for:

    • The woman who's tired of being told by her doctor "your lab work is fine, it's all in your head".
    • Who has "done it all", and isn't getting results.
    • Those ready to break up with fad diets and finally do things the right way- for good

    Who is ready to:

    • Finally feel better
    • Reduce the autoimmune attack on your body
    • Understand her symptoms and triggers
    • Reverse the symptoms of Hashimoto's so she can get back to living a life she loves.

    Join our next round!
    We start January 15th 2024
    The Hashimoto's 4R Reboot Framework
    The Hashimoto's Reboot Framework is the heart of our 12-week program, designed to empower women with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism to reclaim their health and get back to living their lives.
    Rejecting the Dieter's Mindset
    • Mindset Mastery: Unearth and challenge the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts that have held you back.
    • Emotional Eating Awareness: Develop a healthier relationship with food by recognizing and addressing emotional triggers.
    • Intuitive Eating: Learn to listen to your body's cues and make mindful choices without restrictive diets.
    Rebuilding Your Nutrition
    • Personalized Macros: Tailor your nutrition plan to your unique needs, optimizing energy and metabolism.
    • Gut Health: Explore the vital connection between gut health and thyroid function, implementing strategies for healing.
    • Anti-Inflammatory Eating: Discover the power of an anti-inflammatory diet to reduce thyroid-related symptoms.
    Reconnecting with Movement
    • Thyroid-Friendly Workouts: Embrace exercise that supports thyroid health, boosting energy and metabolism.
    • Mindful Movement: Cultivate a sustainable fitness routine that aligns with your body's capabilities and needs.
    • Strength and Conditioning: Incorporate strength training to enhance muscle mass and fat loss.
    Redefine your Health
    • Comprehensive Wellness: Take a holistic approach to health, considering physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
    • Stress Management: Explore techniques for managing stress, a common trigger for thyroid issues.
    • Lifestyle Optimization: Make lasting changes that support your long-term health and vitality.
    By embracing the 4R process, you'll not only address the symptoms of Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism, but also build a foundation for a healthier future.
    Imagine waking up each morning like you've already had that latte you're craving.

    Sliding into your favorite jeans comfortably, and confidently.

    And having the energy to pursue your passions, engage fully in your relationships, and thrive in your personal and professional life.

    Or maybe just no longer feel like you need a nap between your shower and going to work for the day.

    Throughout the Hashimoto's 4R Reboot Framework, you'll gain the knowledge and tools to take control of your health.

    Our program recognizes that every woman's journey is unique.
    No more cookie-cutter approaches, or general advice.
    What ya get...
    Bi- weekly Check-in with your Coach
    Bi- weekly written feedback and adjustments to your custom nutrition plan as required throughout our 12 weeks together to make sure you're not only seeing progress, but are understanding the how and the why so you can sustain the results.
    Messaging Support
    Group Voxer support for questions and connection throughout the 12 weeks. No longer feel like this is a lonely endeavor.
    Thyroid Friendly Workouts
    Programmed to meet you where you are and to support you into becoming a consistent exerciser for your goals.
    Custom App Access
    Track progress, access resources, workouts and more all at your fingertips so you can make progress no matter where you are.
    I'm in!
    Apply now to secure your spot!
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