What if I told you you could experience total food freedom, create new healthy habits, & reach your goals with 100% accountability & support without the frustrating restrictions?

Hi, I’m Natalie!

Founder of The Strong Mama’s and Macros Method, and Creator of Moderation through Macros. 

As a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher and macro based nutrition coach I’m here to guide you with evidence based, real life strategies that fit into your life, not the other way around.

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You CAN lose the weight and feel

And it doesn’t have to be that hard!
If you’re tired of:
  • Restrictive and depriving fad diets
  • Doing great Monday and Tuesday, only to crash by the weekend
  • Struggling to lose the same 20 pounds over and over again
  • Feeling like a failure


I can help!

What clients are saying....

Just imagine a life...

  • You had a system for your weight loss, that doesn’t rely on diets and meal plans
  • You could enjoy taco Tuesday, and still see results!
  • You could spend less time at the gym, and more time with your family and friends (while getting BETTER results)
  • You had an experienced coach at the touch of a finger on your smart phone
  • You never had to diet again….

Why work with me?

As an experienced trainer and coach, I know change can be challenging and is a skill in itself. I cannot guarantee you that this will be easy, but what I can guarantee is my dedicated effort to get your the results you want and deserve. Together we will work with my years of experience, education, and dedication to your success to create manageable strategies. Long term plans and uncover what success looks like for you. I have almost 10 years experience in the bank, worked with 100's of women, trained thousands of hours, and most importantly walked the talk. If your effort matches your expectations I am 100% confident we can get you results. In fact I am so sure, I guarantee it!

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Instead, what if you address the ROOT CAUSE of your cravings to help prevent, manage, and control them?

💯You can! Let’s do this...

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